How to combat lawyer stress

Why are lawyers one of the most susceptible professionals to burnout? How to deal with burnout when you are a lawyer? Lawyers have many reasons to feel overwhelmed and stressed due to their high stakes work. People are counting on them to handle complex matters and to do so with precision and efficiency, managing clients, […]

What are the 2022 trends for legal practices and how should lawyers prepare?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms have had to adapt and rely on technology more than ever in order to continue providing their services to their clients and meeting court deadlines. Therefore, lawyers have generally begun to modernize their practice, adapting processes and tools.

What Arkivy Can Do For You

Welcome to our second blog post. In this post, we explain in brief some of the primary benefits of Arkivy Legal Matter Management.

Presenting… the Arkivy Legal Matter Management System!

With excitement, this is our first blog entry on going to market and we’re excited to provide the legal and arbitration communities a new application to make their lives easier!



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