Which benefits can the software bring you?

See how the practice of law can be made simpler

The scattered information pain

  • Case & client information is scattered across emails, word documents, whatsapp notes and papers on your desk
  • You can’t share information seamlessly and in real time across the team
  • You can’t immediately see the status of a case to provide updates
  • You risk losing data

The barrier to collaboration pain

  • When the legal team works individually, in isolation, it slows processes, increases the risk of errors and reduces general case understanding
  • When team members work with their own processes and workflows, information is not standardized and the work is sequential rather than collaborative. Team members have to wait for updates to understand the case status

The deadline management pain

  • Hard and soft deadlines are not always known to all team members
  • Deadline reminders are sometimes individually or not properly defined
  • You are at the mercy of individual discipline and efficiency with little to no oversight
  • You are required to micro-manage your team to ensure deadline compliance

The manual processes pain

  • Manually searching for information and files is a waste of time
  • Risk of information duplication
  • No certainty as to how and when information will appear in the record and be available to all team members
  • When the workload increases, compliance with manual processes tends to decrease

The workflow improvement pain

  • Without reliable data, you cannot effectively plan and inform the client or the team members
  • You cannot allocate resources or manage staff effectively
  • You cannot identify bottlenecks or other issues hindering your performance
  • You cannot make informed business, management, budgeting or HR decisions

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